It’s incredibly obvious to say, no one expected 2020 to become a wild ride for everyone. It has not been normal not only in terms of travelling but more especially for work. After having a variety of tech-related activities during the last quarter of 2019, I thought that I’ll be able to continue moving forward which will help me take my career to the next step but oh boy I was wrong.

Almost everyone thought that it’ll only take a 2-week break or so for the lockdown to last, but here we are, still trapped. Albeit comfortable, we still can’t deny that we’re stuck within the confines of our homes. It might’ve been fun at least if it’s the usual day-to-day remote job but we’re not allowed to get out at all unless you’re going outside for something important. It made me decide to just call 2020 a year and just try to survive so that I won’t burn that easily while still being productive at my job. I followed a routine for work, set a schedule, took full weekends off to avoid burning out, ordered and ate food to manage stress, bought somehow expensive items to enjoy for a short period of time then repeat the cycle all throughout the year. This way, although I failed to prevent burnout by the end of the year, at least I was still able to bounce back immediately this 2021.

My plan this year is to get back on track, get a refresher on my fundamentals, learn Ruby and Rails the proper way, build small but fun personal projects and launch often just for the sake of it. I believe that being able to work on many different products and being able to launch them constantly is a good practice for someone like me who learns by experience. It will also help boost my confidence and not go down the path of a deep rabbithole known as Imposter Syndrome. As I do my day-to-day tasks, I realized one thing so far, people with the right amount of confidence are awesome. And in our area, developers that are motivated are productive. Right now, that’s my goal, to make myself confident enough with my skills that I won’t be afraid to face challenges at work and just jump right in.

Here’s to another year of hustle, I’ll be writing again so that in the future, I can track my progress and see how far I’ve come.

March 16, 2021