Halo-halo, everything else, anything else, kahit ano, timpla, koleksyon ng mga piyesa’t ideya.

Musta homie? You good? This one will be different from the usual retrospect I do almost every end of the year. It’ll just be a miscellany of thoughts, reflections, and events in my head. Most probably, from the right side of my brain heh. G? G.

I’m writing this at 3:30 AM while listening to kiyo’s HARANASA album on YouTube choosing to suffer from the occasional unskippable ads instead of just pulling up Spotify and spinning up a proper playlist. Also probably chugging a mug of Coke Zero thinking it’s an actual alternative to just Coke ever since I was diagnosed of Prediabetes. In addition, perhaps snacking on a freshly opened 380g Stick-O too. Fun times, fun times eh? I can’t take a hint myself but I think I’m a really bad risk taker. All signs are pointing towards not consuming sugar associated meals yet here I am actively trying to savor my way to death, kek.

Alas, planet Earth completed yet another revolution around the Sun and here we are still trying to figure our way out of this new normal metaverse pandemic fiasco clown fiesta of a life. Don’t do a double take, those are mumble jumbles, no deep meanings, just straight bs out of my head. And yep, you possibly guessed it right, I’m not close to being okay but surviving at least. I was very careful but existing alone finds its ways to kick me down. Lost a bunch of life around me — my dear Lola, my uncle-in-law, my dog, my drive, my fire, myself, my oh my.

January 3, 2022