I know that I’ve been only half myself lately, not admitting that I lost a lot of my drive this past year was a mistake. It just delayed the inevitable and I was hit with burnout.

Yesterday afternoon wasn’t good either, both of my parents were diagnosed to be COVID-19 positive which is another hit to my already stressed mind. To get some boost, I’ve decided to finally start a long-due project — my personal website update. I’ve started drafting the design last December and finished it this February; this March, I’m able to at least start with the initial parts of the landing page and it felt real good. It was nice re-learning vanilla HTML and acknowledging that modern CSS has evolved a lot since I last touched my website’s code. I’m planning to add the rest of the content and make the pages mobile responsive this upcoming weekend.

Go take a look at it while it’s fresh. Some links are still dead and I’m also planning to redesign my blog and maybe build it with Next or Gatsby to refresh my JavaScript next after re-learning HTML and CSS.

Doing these things helps me cope with life nowadays. I hope everyone’s finding their own way to pick themselves up from this crisis. Cheers!

March 26, 2021