On why I wasn’t able to write anything this past month.

First of all, I’m sorry (to myself and to my readers if there are) because I wasn’t able to write even a short explanation on why I took a break. It’s quite disappointing since I failed committing to writing every weekend. But welp, I’m back after promising on my public Twitter account that I’ll make a blog post related to UI/UX (but failed to do so. *sigh*).

One of the main reasons is that I failed to create something meaningful from my draft of ideas or topics. I had a lot in mind and on my notes but writing a whole post about it seemed hard. I’ve thought of leaning towards writing about the more techy side of my life rather than ranting or sharing about my personal experiences. I’d like to empower by posting stuffs that actually can teach something to my fellow developers but ended up writing a bunch of rant posts about this huge blockade of a project.

But, it was a satisfying post to write about nevertheless. Maybe I’ll just try to keep my blog post topics balanced. Half inspiring, half techy.

This one’s short since this is just a sudden write in a random afternoon during work hours. I’ll make sure to write about Agile and UX this upcoming Sunday.


December 6, 2018