It’s been a long time since I started this blog of mine. At first I thought I’ll have a consistent schedule when it comes to writing but as usual, I fail to meet my own estimations. It’s been a long time since I last wrote a post. Maybe it’s because I don’t really like the thought of people knowing what’s in my head. The reason being is that I love to be reserved or even discreet most of the times.

So, why am I writing this? What’s the point?

I have this goal, this wonderful yet unattainable intent within my mind, to commit and to be consistent. It’s in my mind all the time, I even shared this goal of mine to other people (even with our CTO) when we discuss about productivity. And I’m sharing it to you now, I want to have this declaration to people so they can keep me in check or I’m just doing this to keep myself in check that I will do it.


The answer is simple, I’ll have to write and post regularly to practice consistency and commitment. I plan to talk about my encounters / experiences as a young software engineer trying to pave my way up to the top of the food chain — mostly about tech, engineering, and collaboration or management: practices, structures, design patterns, architecture, and code itself. In addition, I will also share about non-tech experiences; from my opinions about our industry, how I juggle between rest (life) and work, to fun things that I do.

That’s a wrap for tonight. I guess?

October 6, 2018