This is my personal blog, wherein I muse about my experiences as a software engineer. I try to discuss and describe different tech related topics with my own perspective. I also want to post about the things I learn when possible, every bits and pieces that I can think of.

Hopefully I can write regularly or at least once a month. Happy reading!


  • What’s with the special characters “&++”?
    It’s just a sudden thought in my head, it’s a dumb “translation” of the word encounter.

  • Will you be updating regularly?
    Hopefully, yes.


I prefer to be tool agnostic but here’s a list of the ones I usually use.

Text/Code EditorBack then I was a Sublime fan but since a lot of powerful plugins for VSCode came, I made the switch. For my VSCode settings, you can check this.

Update (2022): Since I’m now specializing on the front-end, I decided to drop Vim for writing code and use it entirely as my terminal editor since VSCode has much better JS/CSS support and hints. Still, you can clone my personal Vim settings here.

Command Line

Update (2022): I switched platforms multiple times from Linux Ubuntu 18.04 in a dual-boot setup into a Linux PC with a fully installed Manjaro XFCE environment then when the pandemic hit I had to use my personal computer so I went with a WSL2 + Ubuntu 20.04 setup, that being said I’m currently working with Windows Terminal + Oh My Zsh configuration on top of Zsh as my command interpreter. I can’t find the use for Hyper and Git Bash anymore since I can work in Linux most of the time even in a Windows machine.

For writing drafts and/or markdown preview

Update (2022): I’ve dropped Boostnote, tried Notion but moved forward with Obsidian for now.

A place to keep my configurations and notesMy memory’s not that good so I needed a place to dump my notes and configurations, Github’s Gist is my current go-to.

Web Based Version Control Platform

Update (2022): Never left GitHub ever since I moved into it in 2019.


Update (2022): I still use Facebook’s Messenger from time to time but me and my close friends switched to Discord during the pandemic and it’s working like a charm for us right now. Doing a voice call is easy as a snap and we can discuss about different topics and keep them in their respective channels without being confused.

Let’s connect!

Email: nardparagas@gmail.com
LinkedIn: John Bernard Paragas
Twitter: @nards_paragas
Github: nardsqq
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