This is my personal blog, wherein I muse about my experiences as a software engineer. I try to discuss and describe different tech related topics with my own perspective. I also want to post about the things I learn when possible, every bits and pieces that I can think of.

Hopefully I can write regularly or at least once a month. Happy reading!


  • What’s with the special characters “&++”?
    It’s just a sudden thought in my head, it’s a dumb “translation” of the word encounter.

  • Will you be updating regularly?
    Hopefully, yes.


I prefer to be tool agnostic but here’s a list of the ones I usually use.

Text/Code EditorBack then I was a Sublime fan but since a lot of powerful plugins for VSCode came, I made the switch. For my VSCode settings, you can check this.

Update: I’m currently in the process of learning Vim as an alternative to VSCode for Ruby development. You can clone my personal Vim settings here.

Command LineIf you’re a developer who owns a Windows machine, Hyper is the go-to CLI that I’d recommend to you. I use it as a container to Git Bash.

Update: I switched platforms (I’m on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 now), so I’m currently working with the default Gnome Terminal with Oh My Zsh configuration on top of Zsh as my command interpreter but I still use Hyper from time to time if I’m required to work with PHP and Laravel on Windows. Also, I haven’t uploaded my local dotfiles yet but I’ll be sure to share it to you guys soon.

For writing drafts and/or markdown previewThis was a quick pickup, I love writing in markdown format and it has a great preview feature.

A place to keep my configurations and notesMy memory’s not that good so I needed a place to dump my notes and configurations, Github’s Gist is my current go-to.

Web Based Version Control PlatformFor side projects, Github is king. At work, we use Gitlab because of its free unlimited private repositories.

Update: After transferring to a new role and company, I now use Github most of the time. Especially after the free private repository update.

Password ManagerI don’t really like the use of password managers (I’m a privacy freak) but here’s the one I’m using when I need to.

MessagingCurrently, I’m used to Facebook’s Messenger app but I’d like to make a switch to Telegram. In addition, for work and tech community chatting, there’s Slack.

Let’s connect!

Email: nardparagas@gmail.com
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